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MB EXPERIENCE offers exclusive services that do not exist anywhere else and revolutionize the concept of high-end rentals. Forget what you have already experienced. Here, the experiences come to you and are exceptional!
The owners of the MB Chalet wanted to go far beyond the mere provision of a luxury accommodation. The idea of creating these exclusive experiences is born from the passions they live and want to share with you.
Since for us the experience is the ultimate luxury, we offer an incredible journey to the heart of some extraordinary services so that the MB EXPERIENCE lifestyle also become your lifestyle!
There is a wide variety of themes, and the enjoyment of them will be unique. Aeronautics, art, nature, gastronomy, viticulture, well-being, ... the experiences are exclusively related to the rental of the MB Chalet and therefore reserved for its guests.
We have based our concept on two types of services:
The Signature Experiences: for all MB Chalet guests.
The Exclusive Experiences: Exclusively for MB Experience Club Members.
To learn more about this unique concept, follow us and dive into the universe of the SIGNATURE EXPERIENCES.


A 5-star meeting in the sky of Megève

Have you ever dreamed of flying? To feel free and to experience out of the ordinary sensations? We offer you the opportunity to fulfill this dream in the company of François Rallet, former fighter pilot and aerobatics world champion. Professionally supervised, this experience will allow you to attend a genuine aerobatics show right outside the garden of the MB Chalet, take a seat on the plane and experience an unforgettable flight over the snow-covered Mont Blanc. The Megève altiport is located just minutes away from the chalet, you can fully live this incredible experience, without wasting time heading uphill.
Even if the plane only has one seat per flight, our world champion will be able to make several initiations in a row or allow you to come with two champion pilots of the Red Bull Air Races, thus allowing three people to take off at the same time, in order to fly together on patrol as fighter pilots. It should be noted that the level of aerobatics will be adapted to the sensitivity of each person.

Schedule of the Aerobatic Experience

  • Meeting with François Rallet at the MB Chalet. Presentation, explanations and description of the aerial choreography.
  • Aerobatic demonstration above the MB Chalet. 20 minutes of very high level aerobatics commented by a pilot who stays with the guests.
  • Lunch with François Rallet at the MB Chalet. The opportunity to learn more about the passions shared by the pilot and guests in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • Aerobatics Initiation(s) over Megève. 20 minutes of filmed aerobatics (inside and outside the plane) with the possibility of flying over Mont Blanc.
  • End of the experience François Rallet comes to greet the guests and goes back to his airfield. The video of each guest's flight will be provided within 7 days and can be included in the MOVIE EXPERIENCE.

The MB EXPERIENCE team will contact you for the preparation of this exceptional day. You will be able to communicate your desires, your preferences and modify if necessary the schedule of the day.



Artworks are invited to the MB Chalet.

Passionate about art and constantly in search of discoveries, the owners of the MB Chalet wish, through this artistic experience, to make you discover promising young talents.
Several works of art: paintings, decorative objects, sculptures, will be exhibited in the chalet throughout the year. Guests will have the opportunity not only to discover the artistic world of their authors, but also to purchase the works of art if they have a favorite one among them!
The exhibited artists can, according to the wishes of the guests, come in person to present their creations and explain their background, their passions and their history. Each year, the artworks are replaced to renew the interior decoration of the residence and to propose a new universe to the guests.


Relive your stay indefinitely

Since we have promised you a unique journey, we know you will want to keep track of it, somewhere else than in your memory. The MB EXPERIENCE team invites you to enjoy your stay to the fullest, leaving your laptops and cameras aside ... Our filmmaker will take care of immortalizing the magical moments that you will live by filming your stay. Moments with family or friends, meals around the table, wandering around town, ski descents, traveling through the air, ... you can count on our professional and discreet team to capture the highlights of your holiday.
Be the actor of your MB EXPERIENCE, and enjoy every moment!
The 3- to 4-minute film will be developed in a 4k format and will be delivered to you within one week after your departure. A photo database will also be given to you so that you can keep an unforgettable memory of those moments and share them with your friends on social networks.


A magical moment in the heart of nature.

Although the MB Chalet offers 5-star amenities and comfort, we also offer our guests an amazing and unique experience. How about enjoying the outdoor space to sleep under the stars, admire the surrounding nature in a different way and isolate yourself from the group to live a quiet moment in privacy?
Wanting to make you discover the mountain as we like it, we installed a transparent bubble about twenty meters away from the chalet. It consists of a bedroom suite comprising a king size bed and a lounge and two adjoining bubbles, entrance hall and bathroom. The bubble is heated according to your wishes to guarantee an experience in the best conditions.
Set up on your arrival, the bubble can be used every night if you wish, and this throughout the year. You will have the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif, dine on the spot and let breakfast be served by your chef.
Whatever the season and whatever the weather, every moment will bring its own magic: watch the snow falling all around, observe the stars from your bed, listen to the silence of the night, be lucky enough to get a glimpse of an animal, ... let the mountain amaze you!


The pleasure of wine comes to Megève.

Also, by being owners of a large vineyard in Chateauneuf du Pape in the Rhône Valley and other areas in France, the creators of the MB EXPERIENCE concept want to share with you their love for wine and viticulture.
The MB Chalet has a carefully organized wine cellar. Our selection of wines, champagnes and spirits will amaze you as it consists of both big names and small but very promising producers. Guests will of course have the opportunity to buy in this cellar the bottles that have caught their attention and delighted their palates!
It is also possible to bring the owner of the selected winery to the chalet to attend a wine tasting. To complete the experience, it will be accompanied by the 2018 world pizza champion, the Avignonnais Denis Job. He will cook before your eyes unique recipes that blend perfectly with the wines presented by the owner.

And how about an escapade? The WINE EXPERIENCE is not only about discovering wines, it is also an invitation to escape! We offer the option of a day trip to discover a renowned winery and to visit Avignon, the Cité d’Avignon, in a unique way.

  • Departure by helicopter from the MB Chalet’s helipad.
  • A one-hour helicopter flight. Discover the mountains and Provence as you have never seen them before.
  • Visit to a large winery in Chateauneuf du Pape. Discovery of the domain and tasting of the wines produced by the owner.
  • The Christian Etienne gastronomic restaurant by Corrine and Guilhem SEVIN. Enjoy a custom-made menu from the Michelin-starred Chef for the guests of the MB Chalet.
  • Visit of the Papal Palace. Visit the Papal Palace and some of its most exclusive places and monuments.
  • Return by helicopter to the MB Chalet.


Well-being at the heart of your stay.

Since daily life sometimes leaves little time available for our well-being, our recreation and our relaxation, the creators of the MB EXPERIENCE wanted to devote a special place for it! They first designed spaces envisioned to allow you to slow down your pace and enjoy your stay. Relaxation lounge, fitness room also very high quality spa facilities, the MB Chalet is an invitation to take care of yourself and to fill up with good energies!
However, we propose to go even further with the WELLNESS EXPERIENCE. Developed with a team of health professionals and well-being, it is broken down into different formulas that can of course be coupled.


Whether you have become an expert in the practice of yoga, and you are able to hold ''Urdhva Dhanurasana'' without support or you are just an amateur of this sport, curious to connect the mind, body, heart and soul, our teacher offers customized sessions at all ages and all levels of practice. Our chalet has different spaces that allow you to take these lessons and practice the proposed postures, but it is still outside, in the middle of nature, that the experience will be the most beneficial! In addition to the benefits for your body and your muscle relaxation, yoga can help you achieve enlightenment, peace of mind and serenity.


Even if the pleasures of the mountain are often oriented towards the consumption of gourmet and rather rich products for our bodies (cold meats, cheeses, jams, hot and creamy chocolates, ...) we offer to those who wish to enjoy this connection with the nature the opportunity to approach detoxification and fasting practices that are highly beneficial to health. Very common in Germany and Switzerland, these cures performed over several days can break daily habits and free the mind. This is often the starting point for a change of habits, a reconnection with oneself. Regarding the benefits on the body, several studies show that it can slow down the aging process and has a tremendous action on the immune system. It works against anything that may be inflammatory and allows a complete cleaning of the organs and the intestinal flora. It is a real tool of well-being and preventive health, accessible to all.
Guests wishing to take advantage of their stay to practice a fasting cure will be supervised during the 7 days by a team of professionals who will provide a personalized follow-up and a program adapted to each one of them. The goal is, of course, to experience the astonishing experience of fasting and inner serenity without hunger or excessive weakness. Associated with a gentle sporting activity (about 4 hours of walking per day), relaxation sessions and relaxing moments (for example in the sauna, jacuzzi or swimming pool) this practice will allow you to approach the basics of relaxation. a healthy life and refocus on yourself ... for your greater joy! The team will also give lectures on nutrition, food hygiene and metabolism. An option is then proposed, allowing you to obtain a follow-up after the cure and to avoid resuming bad habits afterwards.
Former Swiss professional footballer, Jean-Claude Milani, is the creator of this fasting experience. Today as President of the QOA ("Quand On Aime") non-profit making organization, he opted for a healthy lifestyle relating everything he is passionate about: the communion between man, nature and animals, the change of scenery and personal involvement. An adept of well-being and commitment, he will be your interlocutor for this fasting experience. He can offer the possibility to the guests by coming to the MB Chalet with his teams, it is also possible to join during a session and become part of a group.


The third part of our WELLNESS EXPERIENCE focuses on personalized coaching to improve your quality of life and self-awareness. It also aims to develop the talents and potential of each individual with the intention of achieving their aspirations and dreams. Directed by a complete team addressing at the same time psychology, philosophy, also dietetics and sports, this experience can be monitored both in a private or a professional setting.
Even if the approaches of this practice are numerous, the axes of the work on oneself are just as much. Your coach will start with an open discussion with you, to know your goals, your needs, and adapt the sessions accordingly. Carried out over several days, the stages of personal development will allow participants to suppress the duality existing between the thought (imagination) and the action (reality). This allows us to recreate an internal logic between what we really want and what we actually do.
In addition to the benefits for your personal happiness and your life plans, this work on yourself can have many benefits with regards to your relationships with others and the vision of the world around you. An experience to live and share!
It's also possible to adapt this experience for works councils, seminars and team working.

To go further...

MB EXPERIENCE Signature Experiences must be booked in more than one week's rental and are not included in the basic price.
Our team will accompany you in the choice of these experiences and will guide you throughout your stay to let you enjoy to the maximum without worrying about technical and logistical constraints. It should also be noted that some experiences require time to organize and must therefore be planned in advance. The following are concerned:
  • Aerobatic Experience
  • Movie Experience
  • Wine Experience (Escapade option)
  • Wellness Experience (Fasting option)
For more informations: